Empower your battery life with the experts

We have the expertise to supply you with the best battery system for your needs. Whether you need a rechargeable or disposable battery system, our team can design and produce the battery to your specifications.


Typical product categories


Ultra portable products with requirements on continous operation through battery swapping. Typically one portable system, one charger and multiple batteries.


Custom designed electronics with integrated battery for battery integrated products.


Higher capacity battery systems with modular and rack mount battery units. Energy storage for stationary backup, machines of any kind. Unique modularity for system flexibility and maximum interoperability.

Increase the usability of your product

Smart battery systems are designed to make your portable device easier to use and more intuitive. Battery system experts help you understand the importance of power management and integrate that expertise into your product design.


Save time and money on battery system design.

With the expertise of our team, you can save time and money during the design phase. We can provide you with a complete set of engineering services to meet your battery system needs.

Customize and optimize your battery system.

Battery system experts performance is essential to portable products. The more intuitive and well integrated, the better the product experience. That’s where we come in. We’ll pick a reference design and customize for your needs with our battery system experts.

Get your product to market quicker.

When you need a battery system expert, production and delivery is essential. The more intuitive and well integrated, the better your product experience. We supply the parts assembled to your requirements for flawless integration into your design.

Design better battery systems

We are the world's leading experts in design, integration and optimization of battery systems for portable products.

Get the most out of your batteries.

We'll get you the best battery system for your product, whether you're looking for a single replacement battery or a full-scale rechargeable battery system. Our experts will determine which is best for your need and what features you need to keep it running.

Total custom design.

You're unique and so is your product. We can customize anything to suit your needs and make sure that the battery system experts performance is intuitive for your product, whether it's a phone or fitness tracker.

Higher quality batteries.

Your customers care about the battery life of their devices, which is why you need to have the best batteries in place. Our experts will deliver high-quality and expertly assembled batteries at a great price that will satisfy your customers and make them come back for more.

Battery system experts. It's all we do.

With Battery system experts, you can forget about the hassles with batteries.

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